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The Ultimate Guide to 
Buying or Renting in Auckland
The street wise home buy book
Where To Live In Auckland provides a unique insight into every neighbourhood of New Zealand's largest city, with information covering all aspects of what you need to know to decide where is best for your lifestyle.

All the most vital information is crammed into its 288 pages; what it costs to buy or rent, who lives in the area, real estate developments, housing styles and assessments of transport and leisure facilities. Where To Live In Auckland also includes maps of Auckland's 38 secondary school zones, population profiles and invaluable buyers' tips.

Where To Live In Auckland – everything you need to know about today's property market in Auckland.
Population list of 36 secondary school zones

Invaluable Buyers' Tips:

New to home buying in New Zealand? No problem, we've included a section devoted to Buyers' Tips, to help guide you through the whole process:
  • Arranging finance 
  • Visiting the bank 
  • One-off costs 
  • Types of loans 
  • Types of interest rates 
  • Choosing a neighbourhood 
  • House styles 
  • The hidden things 
  • Buying methods 
  • Sale by negotiation 
  • Auctions
  • Tenders 
  • Buying land 
  • Legal issues 
  • Settlement day
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The Complete Auckland Neighbourhood Guide

Each of Auckland's 55 main areas are divided into over 200 neighborhoods, so you can zero-in on the places that are perfect for you and your family.

We also give star ratings to each of the neighbourhoods and look at: 
  • Who lives there 
  • Typical home styles
  • Real estate trends 
  • Best streets 
  • School ratings
  • Amenities ratings
  • Prices
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Facts and Figures

Forty pages crammed with the vital facts and figures you need to make smart buying and selling decisions.
  • Colour coded "know-your-neighbour" profiles 
  • Average house and apartment sales and prices 
  • Population, ethnicity and age profile statistics 
  • Alpha index of 200+ areas 
  • Price appreciation graphs
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We look at all of Auckland's secondary school with zoning restrictions and identify exactly where you must live in order to guarantee placement at each school, as well as providing at-a-glance information on over 400 other primary, intermediate and secondary schools.

The guide includes:
  • 38 school zones and maps 
  • A comprehensive (400+) school list, with contacts, rolls and decile ratings 
  • Private schools and how much each of them costs 
  • An in depth commentary on how the NCEA system works 
  • Profiles of Auckland's top public schools
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