Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the latest edition?

The 7th Edition was published in 2012. However, all prices are updated at our sister website, www.Hometopia.co.nz

If a new edition is published within 90 days of your order, we will supply you with a copy of the new edition absolutely free.

How much does the book cost?

$44.95 incl. GST for WTLIA, $29.95 incl. GST for Streetwise Home Buyer.

Is the website safe?

Yes – the ordering section of the website is handled by PayPal. Once you click proceed, after entering your name and delivery address, you enter a secure server.

How big is the book?

The book is 288 pages long and weighs close to 1kg.

How are the books dispatched?

Orders from NZ addresses are mailed using NZ Parcel Post. International orders are sent using Spring's Global Mail Service, or NZ Post Intl Mail.

Do you charge a handling fee?

No, we only charge for the book, bubble wrap packaging and postage.

Can I buy the book in a bookstore?

Where to Live in Auckland is available in all good New Zealand bookstores, so not in Whitcoulls. Combo and special offers are only available online.

Has the book been reviewed?

Yes, lots of times – the book received an "Excellent" rating from The New Zealand Herald.

How long will the book take to arrive?

Spring Global Mail quotes 3-10 working days on all international orders. Please allow 1-2 working days for New Zealand orders.
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